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Our main focus and priority is to help you to treat the problem of your skin. Acne, hyperpigmentation including melasma, scars, aging spot, rosacea, eczema can be reduce by using the product that we recommend to you. Kindly attach your problem to us, and for sure, we will give the best solution.




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We use only natural ingredients for our products, which are good for you and the environment too.

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Customer Reviews

"Everyday Sunshield yang akak beli tu memang bagus gila. Before this nampak wrinkle kat dahi, daily use now dah reduce a lot. Maybe sebelom ni, cahaya matahari tu lah yang mempercepatkan penuaan. So, bila apply sunscreen tu, dia bantu jadi lebih cantik kulit."

Dalina Rose

"Patutlah selama ni muka banyak masalah, rupanya punca utama dia sebab tak pakai sunscreen. Lepas try Hydrating Everyday Sunshield tu. Alhamdulillah masalah kulit slowly nampak ada improvement ke arah yang lebih baik."

Nurul Kauthar

"OMG! Yes! Dulu I breakout teruk and kurang percaya dengan produk tempatan. But after try New.bie, now alhamdulillah my skin dah bersih siap ada extra glow sebab retinol."


"Saya dari breakout jerawat teruk gila, pakai TMF basic + retinol, licin muka sampai orang fitnah pakai kilo produk."

Mawar Ibrahim

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